Becoming the Alpha Male

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  10. by Tevemer on 2005 Jan 23 - 16:54 | reply to this comment
  11. Bratty Intentions
  12. I agree that intention is everything in regard to how one should view a woman being bratty with her dominant. For me, there are times when I tease him.....and he knows it is teasing and it turns into a flirateous game in which he makes his dominance clear, but in a fun-spirited way. But I know the moment I have crossed the line, even in this regard. He will let me know immediately by the tone of his voice that enough is enough. There are other times when I find myself being bratty without an actual conscious effort. This most recently happened, and it was a very strong pull on me. I didn't understand where this urge was coming from. I managed to keep it in check, although there were tiny hints... ones I did not think he would even notice. But then last night, he firmly established his control of me... in a very strong manner... stronger than it has been in quite awhile. And afterwards he said, "I know you feel better now. You were needing to feel my control." And that is when I realized why I had been having this desire to be bratty. It was for that very reason... to get his attention and let him know that I needed to feel his dominance. So to any man who sees his woman becoming bratty... even in small ways... perhaps she is just needing to be "taken in hand." Take care, Sonya
  14. by a Taken In Hand reader on 2005 Feb 24 - 14:36 | reply to this comment
  15. Pompous...
  16. the only way to describe anyone who doesn't see a little brat as someone who needs lots and lots of loving.

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