Moved to tears

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  22. What kind of site is this? D/s? TPE? CP? DD? ABCD?
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  24. Experiences of Rape
  25. There's something deeply disturbing to me about glorifying rape fantasies. Maybe they work for this woman because it's a way of dealing with what was done to her. I'd also like to hear that the perpetrators were brought to justice and got what they rightfully deserved for their crimes.
  27. Let me ask this, if a person who experienced torture, starvation and imprisonment at the hands of the Nazis felt a sexual urge to re-enact this experience, is there no one out here who would find that sad and revolting? I certainly would. And I would direct him or her to the nearest psychiatrist.
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  30. Glorifying rape fantasies? Consensual rape as therapy?

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