The first dating gurus

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  11. As some may know, the normal techniques don't make for great openers at sugar and spice (I only had a 50% success rate with the number close my first night to these two bars), because these girls have heard all of the lines and they know when you're using canned stuff, so I figured I study these girls for a night instead of hitting on them.
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  15. On Sunday night, we talked online and she agreed to go out with me.I gave her a choice between going to the movies to see Nacho Libre or geting some food and watching a DVD. (I was definitive, like a man should be, but I also gave her an option, so she wouldn't think that I was just trying to get her alone to fuck her.) She told me to choose, so I said "Let's just watch a DVD, I'll freeze my ass off in the theatre."
  17. So last night (Monday), she gets off of work at 9:30, takes a shower, and comes to pick me up. Since she had to work at 8AM, I already knew that she was at least interested in me, to come out and watch a two hour movie/get food. She shows in her PJ's (sexy) with her hair up. I give her directions as to where we're going (while fluffing her and beggining the kino by lightly tapping her leg from time to time), and when we get to the restaraunt, I tell her that we should just get take out. She agrees.
  19. So we're in there, and I temporarily run out of things to say while they're getting our food ready (took 10 minutes), so silence falls. No worry though, I know that I am the man, so I just chill with her next to me, no fidgeting, while I gather my thoughts (its better to wait until you have something worth saying instead of blurting out just anything that will make it sound like you're trying too hard.)
  21. We get our food, and she asks me where are we going, her house or mine. I tell her mine (PlayerSupreme, the guru who's methods fit my style the most, suggests to take her out of her element, into your world), because I don't want to meet her roommates yet. She tells me that that both of them are gone, but I still give her directions back to my apartment (If she's driving, and coming to my place, she doesn't have to tell me to leave, so I dont outlast my welcome.)
  23. We get to my apartment and start going through my DVD's. I tell her that I want to watch Hitch, but since she's already seen it, we'll watch somethind else instead. She starts going through the DVD's again, while Im paying close attention to the ones that she mumbles under her breathe. I hear her mention The Labyrinth, and I tell her thats my favorite movie ever. She tells me how she loves that movie while she's still naming off DVDs. She keeps going, and I tell her to throw the labyrinth in. (I want a movie that she will associate with her date with me, so I obviously want a happy fun movie.).
  25. She then tells me that she was at home thinking about going out and renting the labyrinth with me, so its weird that I would select it out of nowhere. (

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