Handle with care... american men

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  14. When you see behavior like that it's easy to blame the wives. But you are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Maybe she's really a shrew and eventually he will leave her. But there are other explanations below the surface that you don't know unless you are a fly in the wall of their home.
  16. We went through a bad year that for many couples would have ended in divorce. Here is what happened. I had breast cancer. My husband stood by me physically but he retreated somewhat emotionally. I didn't blame him for that. We had a mutual friend, a man from our church, who was dying of another disease, but he was the head of the Caring committee at the church and he gave me the most important support of anyone during that time (though there were many other friends who came through for me too, bless them).
  18. A few months after I got the all clear this friend of ours died. My husband was probably a little jealous at the amount of grief he saw me going through over this man. He made a lot of smartaleck remarks about our friend. He meant no harm and said, afterwards, that this was part of his own grieving process. But it impacted on me very badly. I asked him to stop and he blew it off and kept doing it.
  20. After a while I was sick of it and began blowing up at him. The conflict spread to the point where any little remark could be like touching a match to tinder. Once, we were in a fast food place with some friends, and hubby made a casual remark about something where I thought he was wrong and was putting down my contribution to the marriage. I jumped right down his throat, in front of them.
  22. Now if you had seen that scene and didn't know anything else about me, you would have thought I was one of those women who doesn't respect her husband. But what you wouldn't have known was that over a period of months he had pushed my buttons to the point where any little thing became explosive.
  24. Well, we didn't become a Taken In Hand couple. Good thing, because if we had, I might have throttled him the first time he tried to spank me. We went for marriage counseling and got a few things out in the open. After that there was a healing process.

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