Two Different Single Men

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  13. At home, one is surrounded by only those who love you and care about your entire family. There is comfort in knowing that your children are being cared for, your friends are close by and eager to offer support in any way they can. You are able to relax and let your body do the work it already knows how to do. In a hospital, you are told what to do and when and strangers are constantly attempting to monitor and manipulate the process. The natural response to this added stress, even if minimal, causes your body to tense and labor is made more difficult.
  15. Having a loving and supportive husband at your side enhances the experience; as the birthing mother lets go into herself, she is secure in deeply knowing that he will take care of all things external. In harmony with the midwives, the strength and committment of the father makes the whole experience a joy.
  17. This is not to say that natural childbirth is painless. Of course not, but it is pain that can be welcomed with a trusting openness that is hard to achieve in a medicalized environment. At home, the mother and child, with the support of family and midwives give way to birth. In a hospital, the doctors take over and direct the birth according to their medical training and hospital policy. The woman is not honored and her body is not trusted. And the father, though strong and able, is hardly acknowledged in the birth process.
  19. Now, this all being said, not all women can or should birth at home. However, all women can and should learn about birth and their many birth options. They need to be aware of the difficulties that can arise as soon as medical intervention is introduced. If more women were allowed to labor naturally, without induction or arbitrary directives, there would be FAR LESS surgical births. The best all women can do is to be aware, be prepared with a birth plan and demand that their rights and bodies be respected. In a hospital, a strong and knowledgable partner can help ensure this will be so.
  21. I wish you a blessed birthing experience, no matter what route you choose.

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