How do you make online dating more fun?

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  10. Then, there was this one skinny girl, she was kind of cute too, who was a little more aggressive with me.  She would sit down next to me at lunch and tell me I was cute.  I even got her to buy me food a couple of times.  She grabbed my dick once, too.  But, I was still always nervous around her, and never really talked to her too much.  Even when she did sit next to me at lunch, I would talk to everybody else at the table.  I never really even got to know anything about her.
  12. Then, in 8th grade, there was Tig Ol Bitties, who I mentioned in my post about Crushes.  Again, I had a crush on her all year, but never told her or said anything to her and missed my chance with her.  This trend continued in high school, where I would have a crush on a girl, then overhear her talking about “some guy” she had a crush on or something to her friends, and then I wouldn’t approach her or do anything.
  14. I was officially beta.
  16. I probably actually “tried” to ask out three girls total during high school.  They all rejected me, but I had no game with them.  It was usually just me asking them would they be my girlfriend, and them usually asking for some time to think about it, and then letting me down easy, with some silly reason.
  18. There were plenty of girls I liked in high school, and definitely some that liked me as well.
  20. But, most of the time, I never really acted on it, or did anything with any of them.
  22. I dated one of my friend’s cousins in 11th grade.  Only because she told me she “liked me.”
  24. She wanted to have sex with me, but I never set anything up.  I never even kissed her.  She kissed me on the cheek once and she would write me love letters and have her friends come and give them to me during class.  Her and her friends would even come out to see me at track practice occasionally and cheer for me.  That made all of my track friends laugh.  ”There goes the Willy Wonka fan club again.”  Like, I said though, nothing ever really happened with her and our relationship only lasted maybe 2 months.
  26. Then, senior year came and I realized I hadn’t been successful with girls at all yet, so I decided to do something about it.  I decided to go after one of the finest, most popular girls in school.  Yep, PromQueen was the one girl in high school I really made an attempt to go after, but in the end I still didn’t get her.  We went on a few dates and talked on the phone a lot, but she was #3 in the number above that when I asked her out, she had excuses for why not.
  28. Then, high school ended with me actually trying to approach.  I knew I wanted to go into college being comfortable approaching women and shit, so, during my last semester of high school, I got on it.  Somewhat.
  30. The last semester of my senior year I only went to school every other day, because I had most of my credits taken care of.  So, I’d hit the mall and approach.  I was 17, 18, approaching 23, 24 year old women and occasionally getting phone numbers.   None of them went anywhere though.

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