What can you do to join free dating sites

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  11. This is why i was so disturbed by Autumn's advice to you, because what she was suggesting indicated to me the sort of manipulative tactics that a person might use who was too frightened of their spouse to be honest with him, pretending something is unimportant when actually it is very important is not to me the sign of a happy relationship, it's the sign of someone who is too afraid to be honest.
  13. Being Taken In Hand is supposed to eliminate fear from a relationship, not encourage it, at least that is how I understand it, and Autumn's picture of a woman nervously placating her spouse with compliments and sneaking in her worries when she's got him softened up is something I instinctively find repellent. I know I can tell my husband anything without worrying about him being angry with me, and this has been a great thing for me.
  15. The difference for me I suppose is that being submissive means trying harder to please him, being more considerate of him , showing him more respect (this is easy for me as I genuinely feel more respect for him now), whereas being a doormat would be feeling that I just had to do whatever he wanted whether I liked it or not, and not being able to speak my mind about things.
  17. I think KrosRogue's comment is the best one yet, some men just can't handle this kind of relationship.
  19. by Louise C on 2005 Feb 6 - 09:18 | reply to this comment
  20. Reply to Frank
  21. Thanks for your comment, Frank. Thanks to everyone who's commented. It's brought home to me what the problem is and what it's not. It's not that he's a b*stard who doesn't care about my feelings, it's that I have failed to communicate with him. It's not that he's trying to stop me being me, it's that I've stopped me being me. It's not that he's controlling me too much, it's that he's controlling me by being short with me. OK maybe it's a bit of both, but I'm the one that's been encouraging him to control everything. It's not that he's trying to force me to be submissive, it's that I don't know how to react when accused of not being submissive enough. Help! Can you advise?
  23. Has anyone else had this problem of being told off for not being submissive enough? I don't like it when he tells me I need to change my tone of voice to a more submissive, respectful tone. It makes me feel wretched and stifled and I don't know how to deal with it.

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