Valuing Single Men

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  14. But it's not like he's doing the forceful dominance thing just for me, and I'm doing the obedient beer-fetching just for him. No, it's that both of us enjoy both of those aspects of his dominance and my submission.
  16. You were also asking just what I meant by "forceful physical dominance." I don't mean just spanking or slapping, although it could include that. It also includes ravishment or "rough sex" - but it's more than that, too. But it's not usually the ritualized bdsm stuff like hot wax or fancy ropework or violet wands, etc. What I mean is what I've described before as a sort of "gentle bullying" - the man using his superior size and strength to intimidate me and overpower me, in ways that will do no real injury.
  18. That would include: wrestling, pushing me, towering over me and forcing me to back up, pinning me to the floor or against a wall, gentle slaps to the face, pinning my wrists together, forcing me to my knees, etc. It would also include more gentle reminders of his physical advantages - like arm-wrestling or hugging me and not letting me go. Rough sex is fine, provided that I'm ready for it; but it's the other rough stuff that would make me want sex in the first place. I described the sort of physical forcefulness that I enjoy once before, in this article.
  20. by DeeMarie on 2004 Dec 21 - 23:21 | reply to this comment
  21. Is submission an event?
  22. I don't see submission as an event that happens a few times a week, which is what this post seems to be talking about.
  24. I guess this is physical submission? Like spanking, rough sex?
  26. I don't see submission as a physical act. I see it as the way we live. It involves how we handle money, how we make decisions about kids, where we'll go on vacation, how/when/where I spend free time, how involved I get in activities etc outside the family. Husband makes final decisions.

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