The Return Of The Single American Cockblock

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  14. I think it depends upon what perspective you view the issue. I am of course assuming consent in either case:
  16. 1. From one perspective if a couple has agreed that there relationship will include a disciplinary element if a spanking ONLY pisses her off you just aren't finished yet. It's okay for her to be angry, hopefully at herself for allowing her behavior to become so out of control that this was necessary, but you don't stop when she's angry, you stop when she's sorry and has convinced you that she is not eager to repeat the behavior.
  18. 2. From another perspective if a couple has agreed that their relationship will include spanking it may or may not be as a disciplinary element. It may be for the sake of connection, erotic purpose, discipline, any or all of the above and more. Even a woman who gives "blanket consent" may resent being spanked for something outside the agreement. People have stated here before that they don't allow their husbands to spank them because they feel he is always in the right. They allow/encourage/enjoy (whatever) it because it's what they want in their relationship. If there is a time that you don't want it in your relationship some may find the need to continuously re-evaluate it.
  20. I think my relationship fits more into the first vision. I know my boyfriend isn't perfect, but I allow him to spank me for discipline because I feel I need it. This does not mean I will always agree with the reason for a spanking, but I usually have. A spanking re-centers me, and he is usually pretty good at figuring out when I need to be re-centered.
  22. That being said, if a woman who doesn't usually get angry during a spanking starts to get angry I think it is really important to stop and evaluate why the mood has changed. If she's simply angry she's been caught and she really didn't feel like a spanking, tough...As my boyfriend said to me once when I complained that I didn't want to be spanked: "it will really be punishment then."
  24. If she's angry because she doesn't feel it's fair, that needs to be discussed. If she's angry because she no longer wants a disciplinary element in the relationship, that needs to be discussed. I do feel though that as long as a woman wants a disciplinary element to her relationship and if she has given consent she needs to accept the fact that her man is not perfect, that she won't always agree, but that if her man loves her he will never really hurt her. And honestly, if the reason for the spanking is agreed upon, even if the woman doesn't want the spanking, I guess I feel that the more fuss I put up the harder it should be.
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  27. Most TIH relationships do include some form of physical discipli
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