Truth and Choices of BBW Dating

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  10. Let us start with the way man and woman hold each other while dancing the tango: the two stand very close, one foot of the woman being practically captured between the feet of the man, torsos touching, paralel. The man raises his right elbow shoulder-high for the woman and puts his right hand on her upper back. Her left hand is put on the man`s back - not on his shoulder! If it were on the shoulder, the woman would still be able to resist, to protest, to bear at least some influence. Instead her hand rests on his upper back, but not holding him, not clutching, oh no! Her palm is 90 degrees with his back, thumb pointing downwards. Now she is really helpless: if she does not allow him to lead her with his body (not his hands!), letting her feel all his virility, she is lost and the whole dance will be a mess.
  12. Eye contact is non-existent, man and woman standing slightly aside, the woman`s head being beside the man`s and not face to face. Now the woman MUST follow and follow blindly! Her only influence on the dance is her initial "Yes" or "No", namely her decision whether she would dance at all. Once she consented to the dance she has no influence whatsoever as to how that perticular dance will go. She must be careful in her choice of her tango partner because there is no way back once the dance has started. He must decide on the steps, ensuring that both are satisfied with the outcome, and that he does not make a laughing stock out of both in the eyes on the others watching them dance. He must combine this with his responsibility of leading her in a way that will not harm her - nobody would like to be injured on the dancefloor. This is even more difficult without eye contact, but possible and wonderful, a sign of ultimate trust on her side and the readiness to take responsbility on his.
  14. The second aspect is the fact that the man does not lead with his hands - one hand holding the woman`s and the other embracing her torso -, but by moving his torso in a very decided, even harsh way against hers. This may look or even feel exaggerated, but the truth is that it is impossible to dance the tango without this. By moving his torso against hers he shows her what to do next: go forwards or backwards, turn left or right. Even so, it is not easy for her to follow, and it would be impossible if he used only his hands while leading. This way she is forced to feel his torso, and even his most intimate parts, be faced with the fact that/if he is aroused.

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