American single men looking good

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  10. Sarah, it has been suggested that you should write a book. If you do, I'll happily provide a Dutch translation.
  12. by Dutchman on 2006 Feb 10 - 12:55 | reply to this comment
  13. Being subservient
  14. I enjoy submitting to my husband, but I am not at all subservient to him, and I don't think of myself as being at his feet, but by his side. As far as tending to needs goes, he tends to mine at least as much as I do to his. And he tries to please me as much as I try to please him.
  16. Pleasing and tending needs to be on both sides, otherwise it could become a depressingly one-sided affair. There is nothing remotely appealing about servitude.
  18. by Louise C on 2006 Feb 10 - 15:43 | reply to this comment
  19. There is Something Better
  20. Dutchman, I must disagree with this statement:
  22. To conquer and call your own an intelligent woman, who might have pursued a brilliant career, or wielded a big stick on the board of a large company, to have her at your feet and tending to your needs, and obeying you, and bearing your children, and following your lead, accepting punishment for her mistakes and striving ever harder to please you -- is there anything more a man can wish to accomplish in his personal life?
  24. Yes, there is something more a man can wish for, than to deflect a woman who might have made a positive difference in the outside world, a woman with the smarts to do so, away from making a contribution that could benefit millions of people in favor of serving at your feet.
  26. A man could wish to have such a woman "at his feet" but at the same time encourage her and cheer her on as she achieves these outside goals. He could be the wind at her back, and her support when things get rough. Instead of wanting only to keep her to himself, cloistered away from the world, being the mommy and hausfrau and never the woman with a paid or voluntary career, he could be the bow that sends her forth as a beautiful and compassionate force for change.

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