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  15. Lee – I think I wrote something similar to my ex’ new wife about 8 years ago =)  Especially the part “he’s all yours now…good luck!” But you know what’s interesting? My ex-wife-in-law (my husband’s ex-wife) and I have two very different realities when it comes to him. I’m sure my ex-husband’s wife and I have two very different perspectives as well.
  17. PostDivorceCoach
  18. I totally agree with that.  And,  stay tuned because there is the flip side letter coming soon!
  20. anonymous
  21. Letter to my husband’s ex-wife:
  23. Dear first wife,
  25. Thank you for scarring my husband, making his health worse, slapping him, spitting at him, treating him like crap, kicking him, trying to push him down the stairs, and bankrupting him with your insane spending habits.  Thank you for acting like a victim now and wondering why we can’t be friends when it was my husband’s “fault” for making you treat him that way.  (What did he actually do?  Try to love you?  Take care of you?  Treat you with respect? Oh, that’s right.  He emotionally withdrew from your abuse.)  Thank you for actually confessing to the marriage counselors that you were the violent one and that he never was violent to you.  That enabled the children you had with my husband to be safe with him for the majority of their time.
  27. By the way, there is no way I will be friends with a woman who committed domestic violence against my husband.  The woman who now lies and tells others that my sweet husband was guilty of being violent to her.   My husband didn’t hurt you even when you were being horrific to him.  He has way too much control and he couldn’t be violent like that to a woman.  And I am not going to be friends with someone who is trying to turn the children against their father.  But to ease your mind, I do love my stepchildren.  I enjoy taking care of them for the majority of their week.  I enjoy showing them how a healthy marriage actually works.  I love that I can show them how to stay emotionally regulated and not freak out at the slightest thing.  I love helping to provide a safe environment; one in which they can grow.

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