Taking a single man online

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  12. I don't know if this helps or not. This is a woman speaking and not a guy, but I wanted to let you know that my husband has had similar problems in times of stress since we recently began this life style as well. What seems to happen is that when he loses "his cool" and lacks that sense of calm stern control, I feel less confident in his ability to lead me and I (ashamed to admit it) seem to rebel.
  14. I very much want to take him seriously. But when he isn't calm, or when he resists really taking me in hand and instead engages me in a childish argument (that, agreed, I started), I simply lose faith in his ability to correct me.
  16. My advice, for what it is worth coming from the opposite sex, is to remain as calm and as stern as possible. Not mean, just calm and collected and very stern. If you can't spank your wife, there are plenty of things you can do to correct her behavior. Stand her in the corner for a while, send her to bed--sometimes a very well-delivered scolding is quite effective if it is done in the correct manner. It would help to know just how you both acted during that "time of stress."
  18. What behavior did you two digress to, and what behavior is it that you wish to avoid. I am assuming that it is that state of petty arguing that my husband and I digress to, but I could be quite wrong. But if it is, just flat out refuse to play that "game" with her. Remain calm, take her over to the corner, position her and leave her to think for a while. Etc. Etc. Hope this helps some.
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  21. Feeling Naturally Dominant
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  23. You say you don't think you are naturally dominant, and yet you also say that you enjoyed the period of time when you assumed a dominant role. This is just my personal opinion, but I don't think it's possible to enjoy anything unless you have some appetite for it or some innate inclination toward it.
  25. I think you enjoyed it because, in spite of your previous experiences, you *are* naturally dominant. Further, I don't think you will enjoy your life as much as you are able to unless you try to continue in your dominant role. Once you are exposed to it, it creates a craving inside you that yearns to be satisfied.

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