You are not alone

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  10. The only con that I could think of is that you are stuck with huge bills to pay off after you graduate (though with a good job you should be able to pay them off easy).
  12. A bigger college means there's more to do and truly make it the best time of your life.
  13. And what if I don't get in to one of those fancy colleges I'm thinking about? Do I just keep applying, or what?
  14. Is it worth it?
  17. I really can't answer this question. It's all about what you want, which may or may not be the same as what I wanted for myself. What I will say is that I had the time of my life because I didn't have to work. Sure, I have loan payments, but if I were to die today, I'd die a very happy man because I experienced most of what I wanted to experience, and most of that is due to not having to have a job while in school. You're only young one time, so take advantage of it before it's too late. After you graduate, you'll have the rest of your life to work anyway.
  19. In other news, I went to a club for the first time in months tonight and it was... alright. Since it was college night, 18y/o guys could get in so I didn't have to bring my friend's 22y/o ID.
  20. I could see why girls like older guys, sadly. There were three fights while my friend and I were there, and we were only there for about two hours. In the older clubs, maybe there's one fight; however, fights are very rare.
  22. I tried your advice of taking a girl's hand, smiling, and walking to the dance floor, but that didn't work too well. They first kind of flinched, then looked at me, and then shook their head no. This other girl I tried to say wassup to, but accidentally I said "what's your name?" instantly regretting it.
  23. So I, like many of the other guys there, was forced to just stand there. I would only post up for about five minutes, then have to move somewhere, so I would walk around and post up elsewhere. I hated that shit.
  24. I did the hand thing to one girl and kind of gave her an expectant smile, but she declined. About a minute or two later she came back to me and wanted to dance.
  26. I could of played it a couple ways now that I look at it. I could of declined, been an ass, etc... But what I did was dance with her for a song. Then that was it, my only dance of the night. She took a few steps forward to her friends and I took off.
  27. I probably took her because I hadn't danced all night. I don't even know, man... I know it would be a mistake to ask for her number after one dance... That's why I didn't... but what? I can't talk to her because it's loud as hell...

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